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Church Calendar

"seeking to proclaim the Gospel and serve our local community"

Christ Church Diary

Fri 1 Dec09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 2 Dec10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 3 Dec10:30Advent Sunday worship led by Rev Andy Melvin
Mon 4 Dec10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Tue 5 Dec19:30Bible study of Romans - on Zoom
Wed 6 Dec10:00Ukraine Caf
Fri 8 Dec09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 9 Dec10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 10 Dec09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 10 Dec10:30Second Sunday - Christingle service
Mon 11 Dec10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 13 Dec10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 13 Dec19:30Church Council
Fri 15 Dec09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 16 Dec10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 17 Dec10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion led by Rev Dr Richard Goldring
Sun 17 Dec14:30Carols on the Green on Nevill Green
Mon 18 Dec10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 20 Dec10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 20 Dec16:00Christmas Party
Sat 23 Dec10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 24 Dec10:30Carol Service for Christmas Eve
Mon 25 Dec10:00Family Service for Christmas Day led by Michael Frost and Claire Bell
Wed 27 Dec10:00Ukraine Caf
Thu 28 Dec10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Sat 30 Dec10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 31 Dec10:30Morning worship led by Rev Tricia Williams
Mon 1 Jan11:00New Years Day Walk
Wed 3 Jan10:00Ukraine Caf
Sat 6 Jan10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 7 Jan10:30Morning worship led by John Berryman
Mon 8 Jan10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Tue 9 Jan19:30Mission Committee
Wed 10 Jan10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 10 Jan19:30Church Council
Fri 12 Jan09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 13 Jan10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 14 Jan09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 14 Jan10:30Second Sunday worship
Mon 15 Jan10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 17 Jan10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 17 Jan19:30Thinktank
Fri 19 Jan09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 20 Jan10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 21 Jan10:30Morning worship led by Tom Lunt
Sun 21 Jan13:00Church Walk
Mon 22 Jan10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 24 Jan10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 24 Jan19:45Nevill Housegroup
Fri 26 Jan09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 27 Jan10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 28 Jan10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion led by Rev Dr Richard Goldring
Mon 29 Jan10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 31 Jan10:00Ukraine Caf
Fri 2 Feb09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 3 Feb10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 4 Feb10:30Morning worship led by David Coleman
Mon 5 Feb10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 7 Feb10:00Ukraine Caf
Fri 9 Feb09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 10 Feb10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 11 Feb09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 11 Feb10:30Second Sunday worship
Mon 12 Feb10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 14 Feb10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 14 Feb19:30Church Council
Sat 17 Feb10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 18 Feb10:30Morning worship led by Kenneth Smith
Sun 18 Feb13:00Church Walk
Mon 19 Feb10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 21 Feb10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 21 Feb19:30Thinktank
Fri 23 Feb09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 24 Feb10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 25 Feb10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion led by Rev Tricia Williams
Mon 26 Feb10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 28 Feb10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 28 Feb19:45Nevill Housegroup
Fri 1 Mar09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 2 Mar10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 3 Mar10:30Morning worship led by
Mon 4 Mar10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 6 Mar10:00Ukraine Caf
Fri 8 Mar09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 9 Mar10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 10 Mar09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 10 Mar10:30Mothering Sunday worship led by
Mon 11 Mar10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 13 Mar10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 13 Mar19:30Church Council
Fri 15 Mar09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 16 Mar10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 17 Mar10:30Morning worship led by
Sun 17 Mar13:00Church Walk
Mon 18 Mar10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 20 Mar10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 20 Mar19:30Thinktank
Fri 22 Mar09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 23 Mar10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 24 Mar10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion led by
Mon 25 Mar10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 27 Mar10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 27 Mar19:45Nevill Housegroup
Thu 28 Mar19:30Maundy Thursday worship led by
Fri 29 Mar10:00Good Friday worship led by
Sat 30 Mar10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 31 Mar10:30Easter Day worship with Holy Communion led by
Mon 1 Apr10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 3 Apr10:00Ukraine Caf
Sat 6 Apr10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 7 Apr10:30Morning worship led by
Mon 8 Apr10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 10 Apr10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 10 Apr19:30Church Council
Sat 13 Apr10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 14 Apr09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 14 Apr10:30Second Sunday worship
Mon 15 Apr10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 17 Apr10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 17 Apr19:30Thinktank
Fri 19 Apr09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 20 Apr10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 21 Apr10:30Morning worship led by
Sun 21 Apr13:00Church Walk
Mon 22 Apr10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 24 Apr10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 24 Apr19:45Nevill Housegroup
Fri 26 Apr09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 27 Apr10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 28 Apr10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion led by
Mon 29 Apr10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 1 May10:00Ukraine Caf
Fri 3 May09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 4 May10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 5 May10:30Morning worship led by
Mon 6 May10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 8 May10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 8 May19:30Church Council
Fri 10 May09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 11 May10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 12 May09:30Prayer Meeting in the Quiet Room
Sun 12 May10:30Second Sunday worship
Mon 13 May10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Wed 15 May10:00Ukraine Caf
Wed 15 May19:30Thinktank
Fri 17 May09:30Christ Church Tots
Sat 18 May10:00Saturday Prayer
Sun 19 May10:30Pentecost worship led by
Sun 19 May13:00Church Walk
Mon 20 May10:00Fitzjohns Foodbank
Fri 24 May09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 7 Jun09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 14 Jun09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 21 Jun09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 28 Jun09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 5 Jul09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 12 Jul09:30Christ Church Tots
Fri 19 Jul09:30Christ Church Tots